Chris L. Zachary for Governor

                         From Where I Am Standing...

Candidates, both in the past and in the president, for these past few years have all talked about how change is needed but to start making changes you get criticized for not having enougn of political experience with myself I am bringing new ideas that I feel will bennifit the state of Wyoming and all of its residents. I do agree with other governatorial candidates with the issues that need to be addressed such as; the economy, current jobs and lack thereof  and making sure our schools can lead the way and set examples for the US in being progressive with a higher level of learning. I further feel that in WY we needd to hear equally from our residents on their concerns to these issues as well I feel WY as a state is already good but now it the time to make it better. In doing this I feel we are moving forward toward a brighter future.

In the Past

In years passed when these issues were passed at either state or federal levels once again the answer was a quick fix. Thoes elected officials would say that a fast fix would not be a problen for many years to come, thoes years are here now! by hitting us all t once Wyoming does not need any more fast fixing in stead we need only our long term goals with the resoulition and the end solution that would not impact the next generations to come


Wyoming does not have any problems, that if we were to work together, both professionally, and maturely that we can resolve to the satisfaction of all our residents. To finish up I also know that as of now these are just words, but if the residents of Wyoming elect me and are willing to give me the chance, I would be happy, along with being more than willing to show, and prove that these statements are what I believe from my heart. Once elected and given the chance, I further pledge to make sure senior citizens, veterans, minorities and the disabled have a voice in our state goverment.

 Governor 2010

For this great state of Wyoming. Since my announcement I have had to face more than my fair share of critics. Their issues about me were on my disability, health, and lack of political experience.

My answer to these;

I feel that because of my disability it has forced me to be a much stronger person. It has allowed me to be brave enough to try. Wyoming  and residents, I feel, will gain greatly with new blood bringing new ideas. For thoes thinking it is time for change, I say it is time to stop talking and do it. Further if elected I am bringing not only a new set of eyes to politics but also new concepts and ideas allowing for simple resoulitions.

Every bit helps more than you know. Other candidates have much deeper pockets 


For myself, as well as many others living in WY, since becoming disabled and being forced to live off an income well below poverty level, I was labeled the same as  many senior citicens, other people with disabilities, and even some of our veterans feeling like third class citicens. for instances when people are talking to you they have a tendancy to speak as if you were a child, or only speak to the party with you as if you were not there. There is also thoes that only stare. This is where further education would eliminate this problem.


One of the other issues plauging this great state of Wyoming, we can no longer use a band-aid for a temporary fix. We need solutions which in turn we are leaving the next generation with a much more organised and working state. As you read this many of our residents are but a paycheck away from loosing their home, insurance, or their very means of support for themselves or their families.


Another issue I have noticed is the classified section in the newspaper getting smaller each passing day, with the few jobs listed in them one would be lucky enough to find a job hiring, with enough pay for an individual to live on, let alone an entire family. That is just one of the many issues which, summed up, can only be accomplished by promoting new business and corporations.

 A little more from a Christian view

In todays world we are living in dangerous times we see foul weather and storms, getting more sever and with earthquakes wreaking greater havoc. This causing greater impact on human lives, these natural disasters are costing all time highs. Compound this with the loss of lives and in many cases they are children. No matter your religon or belief, the time period we are living in is hard and only getting worse. To me this is sad to think that the worst is yet to come. In most campaigns there are thoes that run under a christian format. They speak of morals, faith, and their families. Yet once in office their actions speak much differently. With these tough times and problems they call for a much faster solution, even if that means crossing party lines.

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