Chris L. Zachary for Governor

Thoughts to get you thinking

Why is it that when there are budget cuts, downsizing, or complete closure, the seniors, disabled, and select minority groups are, 9 out of 10 times the groups most effected. I guess it is because our government feels it is the easiest. Even when these groups are disappointed by these decisions they might be mad and angery for a few days but don't do anything and get over it much too quietly

To Big Too

Who has not heard the latest catch phrase, "Too big to fail"? To anyone who might use this phrase I have two of my own. "whatever is suppose to happen will happen" and "if the good Lord willed it, it's gonna happen" I really feel it is time to break down some of the political walls and lines. For instance I am asking, What is so wrong with crossing bipartisin lines especially when it is the wishes of the voters that voted for him and not the will of the special interest groups. not only are you letting down the voters but also selling yourself out. To me selling out to special interest group will affect your morals, ethics, and scruples. I believe this would not only be letting myself down but also letting down Wyoming


 The reporter

I was phoned reciently by a reporter who works for a very well known media organisition who stated "due to being a cripled, not a lifetime resident of Wyoming and having limited past experience in politics you would never be elected." He then cruely laughed and abruptly hang up.

 This from a gentleman who has never met me nor talked to me before, yet he is considered a "professional" in his field. To the residents of Wyoming, if being a professional in your field makes one act and talk this way I am proud this is my first time running for an elected position.

My question to those thinking the same way.

What about an actor not born in the U.S. with no past political experience, yet became governor of California

What about the wrestler that was also voted Governor

The actor from California who became a two term President creating Reganomics

none of us should forget the peanut farmer from Georgia, A one term President, who's plan (Habitat for Humanity) is still building homes today across this great country

I further believe that the residents of Wyoming are much more intelligent than that reporter give credit to. I am not getting down on any elected politians but there are many while running make the promises that are never kept. It seems they forgot the people that elected them in the first place.

To sum this up I'm not sure how any resident in Wyoming could, or may feel, but I'd much rather have a non professional that a professional politican that will say whatever it takes just to win.


Short and sweet

I will be the first to admit about myself that I do not have all the answers facing Wyoming. To the best of my knowledge there was but one who walked on this earth that could answer the issues and problems however, for this, He was crusified. if elected I stronglt feel to acheve the answers for Wyoming we all must work together thoes we are faced with now and in the comming years. I think it is time to smile, roll up our sleeves, and adopt a plan of working together.

 In closing I would like to add this I am running against many candidates I would never say one is better than another. I would like you to vote for me but in truth  hope you willl use your head and heart on a candidate that you feel would do the best job. I hope that you find this to be me. Make sure you get out and exercise your right to VOTE

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