Chris L. Zachary for Governor

          Chris L. Zachary for Governor  of  Wyoming 2010


Maybe We did not win, But we definatly did not lose!

We got our point out there, and with over 5% of the Democrat votes we must have done something right. We are looking toward the future and are ancious to see what is in store for us next.


I am Chris Zachary and I am running for Governor of Wyoming.

I am asking for your help to fix the problems in this state. I do not believe there is just one person responsible that got us in the situation we are in today, but in my heart  I know there is not one person to get us out. it will take us all working together. We have to get over the labeling of Democrat, Republican, Independent, if we can not work together to better our state we are just running in a vicous circle with no soulition. With all this talk about the so called lack of experience and professionalism in many of the candidates running. My staff and I feel that it is hi-time to find a new soultion to the current problems which means new body and new blood

I would appreciate your vote on November 2


Most all of the candidates running agree upon one thing, our economy, health care, rising cost of utilities and our education system. the candidates only difference is the order these should be placed (priorities for each candidate) and the resilution each of these issues need for a soulition. I differ not on these. But feel while tackeling these issues to try and perceive any and all forthcomming problems.

I was once told by a prominent newspaper that being homeless is not news worthy but if you allow that homeless person to be killed then you have a story. The four issues mentioned above can with effort be resolved in a timley manor without further need for headline news. As like these cases with the wolfs and wild mustangs, and have the local newspaper report on the good of the comunity like the blue ribon winner at the local 4H.

 There was once a great man who had "a dream" should I be elected I will see to it that my dream becoms a reality for the state of Wyoming and all of its residents. With all of us working together this will only become acomplished with the help of the elected officials and all Wyomingites for us to have a true "Equality State"

This is a totally "grass roots" campaign! Anything you could donate to help this cause is greatly needed, EVERY dollar counts.

If you wish to donate the "old fashioned" way with a check or M/O  please contact us at:  or 

if you wish to call we can be reached at 307 761-9119

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