Chris L. Zachary for Governor


While as I will admit was for more personal reasons, however as I got more into this I saw and learned that more change was needed. I Personally feel that since becoming disabled and living on a small fixed income that I am being treated like a third class citizen. Knowing there are more elderly and disabled people feeling the same. This along with the many other problems plaguing our state can no longer use a Band-Aid for a temporary fix for our state problems. Instead we need solutions which in turn will be leaving our next generation a much smoother\ organized place ending all the current problems Wyomingites now face. Many of our residents themselves are but a paycheck away from losing their homes, insurance, and\or means of supporting themselves or their families Upon moving to WY I was homeless and living out of my car which became broken-down and stuck in a Wal-Mart parking lot. It was not long after this that the good Lord brought into my life my earth angel. She not only helped Me get a car, but assisted me in getting a permanent home in which to live. Had it not been for this God sent lady into my life I would still be that homeless person in the streets. I am indebted to her in so many ways. It was at this point that I realized all the good in the people in Wyoming. Further this is all at the same time how I would see the classified section in the newspaper getting smaller each passing day, with the few jobs listed in them one would be lucky enough to find a job hiring, with enough pay For an individual to live on, let alone an entire family. That is just one of the many issues which, summed up, can only be accomplished by promoting new business and corporations.

FURTHERMORE by assisting local residents and bringing in new companies, the residents can look forward to higher paying jobs with added benefits

MY second issue brings us to schools, teachers, and students. I strongly support that the state needs proper paying of qualified teachers, and paying teachers their proper worth. since they are to teach our youth with the proper schooling, further bring up the level of learning to set higher standards for our children. Which in turn will allow us, Wyomingites, to lead the nation in a higher standard of education for our students.


THE third issue I hear and read a lot about is how Wyoming should adopt the "cowboy way" and ethics. I personally agree with this statement, but must caution the good people of Wyoming, since a lot of people currently living in this State do not even know their neighbors names. Yet, for the "cowboy way" to be properly used, if someone's barn would be lost due wind, fire, etc. the whole community would pitch in with their assistance and help that Neighbor build anew, while here in these current times in Wyoming, it is hard to even find a neighbor willing to help someone put up a shed.


THIS is why, for me, it should not be a question in Wyoming of Democrat or Republican. But a resident of this great state of Wyoming, with us all pulling together to fix and repair the many current and any possible future issues. Looking at history the problems like Social Security, the economy, job markets, etc. All these issues facing us today, in our past either at state, or federal levels have been repaired with a quick fix to the problems, with the past professional politisitions saying it would not be a problem for many years to come Those years are here now! Wyoming does not need any more "fast fixing" Instead it is in need of long term goals with resolutions and the solutions not to impact the next generation.


IN closing I truly feel that Wyoming does not have any problems too large, that, if we were to work together, both professionally, and maturely that we can resolve to the satisfaction of all our residents . To finish up I also know that with this being said /written they are currently just words, but if the residents of Wyoming elect me and are willing to give me the chance, I would be happy, along with being more than willing to show, and prove that these statements are what I believe from my heart. Once elected and given the chance, I further pledge to make sure senior citizens, veterans, minorities and the disabled have a voice in our state goverment.

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