Chris L. Zachary for Governor

I would like to talk a little further on career politicians, They been trying to fix and repair the problems and many issuses facing Wyoming for a good number of years.This is why I say '' It's time to try something new " Since we tried it their way, ( I SAY LET'S TAKE BACK THE CAPITAL)And fix the problem's once and for all, So the next generation dont go through the same issuse again. If we all work together we can make Wyoming a much better and safer place. And lets get Wyoming back to work and school,Once and for all.....      


 How many of you all reading this right now can say Wyoming and it's residents are in good and perfect shape ? this furthers means our economy, the job market,health care, shcools, even the utilities, I was always told "if it ain't broke don't fix it"  Well our structure is broken and it will be up to us, to see to it that it gets fixed 

Yes I'm running under the Democratic ticket, But I feel as if I'm a totaly new breed,And unlike some I currently feel as personal I think more side  setting and waiting for that right person, the worse the problem and issuse grow,So elect me, and I myself and PROPER staffing and get woking to resolve all the issuse and problems once and for all    

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